Engineered Enduro Equipment Inc. (EngDuro) was born to... identify gaps in the equipment we all encounter when riding. Then design, engineer and manufacture solutions for our fellow riders. Our goal is to better the journey. 

Five friends (Trav, Wes, Jake, Kris and Paul) who bonded through a passion for dirt and adventure riding form the base of EngDuro. Over the years they have purchased and used many (so many) products and passionately debated the pros and cons, the good and the bad, the quality products and the junk. During one such session in 2020  the concept for the SingleTrak tool was introduced... "you know what would be great..." and "... we should make it ourselves". EngDuro was born! 

Our Name - EngDuro

The "Eng" is for Engineered... EngDuro has a few engineers among us to professionally design our products to the exacting quality and standards you demand. The "Duro" is for Enduro... incorporating the passion for motorcycling and a test of endurance.

Whether you're a hardcore enduro rider or just like to take your motorcycle down the road for coffee, our EngDuro equipment will better the journey. By riders for riders.

Welcome to the EngDuro Family!