What about BOB?

What about BOB?  No, not the great Bill Murray movie from the early ‘90s, the Bag o’Bits (BOB) as an add-on for our various tools.  The BOB consists of eight high quality Wiha bits to help complete your EngDuro tool. Currently the BOB includes 3,4,5 & 6mm hex drivers, and T35 and T40 Torx, and a flat and Phillips for the generic drivers. These are quality name-brand bits of a very high quality. The bits we included with BOB have been carefully thought out to cover off most of what you need to do with most motorcycles. Not only that! We have customers using the tools on their lawn mowers, chain saws, 3D printers, and pretty much anything else you need a great tool for.  The BOB is $10CAD. 

To make BOB even more functional, we are adding Big BOB as an add-on for your EngDuro tool. B-BOB includes the same eight bits with BOB, but also adds some very useful bits.  A T20 for the small handlebar switchgear on KTM bikes.  A 12mm nut setter if you want to attack some larger bolts. Best of all ... a ¼” hex to ¼” square drive adapter! This quality WIha component has a long shank (to fit the tool properly) on the ¼” hex side to ensure the drive can handle loads applied to it.  You can now bring along an entire set of your favorite ¼” sockets and the EngDuro tool is your driver.  The 7075-T651 aluminum we use in the tools is strong, 1.8x stronger than 6061-T6 and 50% harder to be somewhat exact.  The tool can handle driving larger fasteners, so you have the option to use your ¼” sockets with it.  The B-BOB is $20CAD.  

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